Pat Mahony


Last night I took Stan up the mountain to reflect on Marty’s life and a memory came back to me:

“AJ and I bumped into Marty at a family gathering and invited him to come to the Gorge to see Phish. Three days later the phantom showed up on doorstep with his bag packed, ready to roll.

In AJ’s pickup truck, myself riding shotgun, and Marty tucked in the back seat with his dreadlocks, AJ’s guitar, and his bongo drum.

The three of us cruising into the desert for three days of mayhem and freedom. I’ll never forget partying until the sunris and seeing Marty sitting on the roof of the truck watching the sun come up as AJ wailed on his guitar.

We pushed life to its limits and I wouldn’t have changed anything that weekend. Perfect amount of chaos and harmony.

I hope to be back in that pick up truck someday in another place with those two peaceful warriors.”

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