Bernadette Dumas-Rymer


Martin was loved and treasured by 20 aunts and uncles and our spouses in both Canada and Australia. As one of his aunts, I have a special memory of a few moments alone with Martin. When Martin was young he loved building lego – anything. On one occasion when Martin was about 8 or 9, I was playing with his in the attic and he was building a lego city. He told me all about his perfect city where everyone lived happily together. In my 35 years of working with elementary children in education, I have never seen a creation that was more imaginative, creative and intricate than Martin’s city. His creative and building skills developed as he grew. The Dumas family kitchen/dining/family room was designed and built by Martin. It was perfect for their needs, and a true testament to Martin’s love of nature, balance and harmony. Marin loved and treasured his daughter Maggie. He told me ‘Maggie was his joy’. Martin dearly loved his mum and dad, and his 10 siblings. Thank you Martin for what you contributed to my life. I will miss you. May your finally know peace, balance and harmony.

Love, Bernadette Dumas-Rymer

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