Minnie Dumas


I am one of Martin’s many aunts (on of Greg’s many sisters) and my first memories of Martin was from the time he was very little, as I had the gift of being able to baby sit him and his sisters over a few years before leaving Vancouver, Canada. I affectionately called all my nephews and nieces ” monkey faces ” and Martin was one of my little ” monkey faces “.

I would go to their place 2 days a week and what stood out for me and will always remain with me was Martin’s gentleness and kindness. I cannot remember once having to ask Martin to do something twice, and for a little child that is quite outstanding. Once when we were trying to tidy up all the toys in the playroom and his little sisters had run outside to play he said ” don’t worry Minnie, I’ll do it! ” That was who Martin was.

My last memory of Martin was in 2016 when I was visiting my family in Vancouver from Africa – where I was living at the time. I will always be so grateful for one afternoon when he was working in Greg and Lesley’s kitchen, and I came into the kitchen and he greeted me as warmly as ever as if the years had not passed, just like all those years ago I could still see my ” little monkey face ” and he started sharing all about his life, a lot about his health and the journey that it had taken him on. He also asked me about Africa and also asked me questions about God. This conversation will remain as his final gift for me!

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